About Us


At Accurate Survey Service, Inc, we provide our clients with exceptional quality and on time surveyor services, competitively priced, that meet deadlines and requirements. Our company continuously receives repeat business and referrals from private and public clients; ranging from property owners to developers, land brokers, general contractors, engineers, architects, attorneys, governmental agencies and municipalities. We offer professional land planning and surveying services to clients throughout Illinois.


Accurate Survey Service, Inc has provided 30 plus years of superior expertise in land surveying services - since 1986. We are professional and highly trained land surveyors specializing in using the most advanced land surveying equipment and technologies in the business. We are always seeking the latest and most innovative technologies to provide even more accurate survey data. All contracts are carried out by our own permanent staff of qualified and experienced surveyors. 


At Accurate Survey, our experienced technicians use top-of-the-line equipment to properly solve survey boundaries of any type. Accurate Survey Service, Inc. uses a combination of robotics and GPS technology in order to properly locate everything on site.  We also provide construction staking services for projects of any type, and we start every job by forming a relationship with the people we will be working with in order to properly stake the construction site.